Mobile Apps For Bands & Celebrities

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The music industry game has completely changed in terms of marketing. As the Internet allows newcomers to break into big markets with viral hits uploaded to YouTube, and the iTunes store and other music downloading services provide alternatives and supplements to big record deals, mobile apps are giving bands/entertainers a lifeline to connect with fans. And this lifeline should not be ignored.

As mobile usage increases each year, mobile apps become more and more vital to musicians/entertainers. A mobile app is always with a fan, and provides an engagement hub for critical self-promotion and revenue generation. So, what can a mobile business entertainment app do?

Here are some of the main features:

• Push Notifications to update your fans in real time about a music or movie release, concerts, upcoming events, promotions, giveaways and more.

• Display the latest social media activity (e.g. tweets, FB posts, YouTube uploads, announcements, etc.)

• Show upcoming live events, including a link to purchase tickets or share info on the user’s own social media profiles.

• Chat with other fans.

• Listen to samples of music or buy and download songs and albums.

• Review albums or shows; give feedback to the band.

• View movie trailers and promos.

• Browse and purchase merchandise.

A mobile business app gives fans a way to connect with a band/celebrity and each other, bring in new fans and share information, make purchases of music, merch, and concert tickets, and to generally boost revenues.